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Join our T&E Program

Seeing is believing, but appearances can be deceiving. When it comes to evaluating the performance of a uniform, the real proof lies in its wear and tear. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide qualified departments with complimentary wear test samples from General Tactic.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete the form found on this page.
  2. A representative from General Tactic will get in touch to discuss uniform options and select the items for wear testing.
  3. We’ll promptly dispatch the chosen samples to your department – they are yours to keep, and there’s no charge involved.
  4. After 30-60 days of testing, you will receive an evaluation form to provide us with your honest feedback.

In return for your participation in the wear test, we kindly request your candid feedback to assist us in continually improving and perfecting the highest quality uniforms available

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or assistance you may need. We’ll be delighted to help

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