Within GOCOTEX, SL owner of trademark General Tactic, we are working tirelessly to contribute in any way we can in the fight against COVID-19.

Our mission is to protect those that protect us. Now more than ever, we need to focus all of our energy on protecting healthcare professionals on the frontline who put their lives at risk to take care of us in our hour of need.

To achieve this aim, we have transformed our production lines to produce essential sanitary products which are vital at this time. Where before we were producing waterproof technical jackets for the police, Fire service and Forest Rangers now we are producing waterproof body bags which are seam sealed for funeral companies. Where before we were producing uniform shirts, now we are producing waterproof antimicrobial protective gowns for the use in hospitals.

We have also donated materials to volunteer groups to produce more than 100.000 reusable hygienic masks.


As a company in the technical textile sector, our day to day is based on being at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in the textile industry. This includes using raw materials, fabrics, machinery and knowledge of EN/ISO standards. Our certification department maintains a close relationship with AITEX, one of the most important textile research institutes in Europe. AITEX is of special importance in this crisis as they are working hand in hand with AEMPS (Spain’s Medicines and Sanitary Products Agency) to help develop and speed up the process of certification during this health crisis.

With the backing of AITEX we have developed gowns which are waterproof with an anti-microbial barrier (both reusable and one time use) which guarantees protection against liquids and prevents microbial penetration through humidity. This ensures that healthcare personnel can look after patients who are unwell due to COVID-19 without putting their health at risk.

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Given the unprecedented situation that the world is currently facing, we are dedicating all of our efforts alongside a large web of textile producers so that as a whole we can reduce the impact of the virus on all of the essential workers involved in the fight against it.

We are facing an unprecedented economic situation both on a national and global scale. Many of the textile companies have been forced to make many staff redundant and many families find themselves in an uncertain financial situation which will only worsen within the next few months.

It is time to join forces, to help each other and to achieve this aim we have been in contact with producers of fabrics, garment workshops and logistics companies which have been forced to close indefinitely. Thanks to these collective efforts, we will help hundreds of families to improve their financial situation and this will in turn help the economy nationally. This is of course, whilst complying with all of the health measures recommended by the WHO.


This is an unprecedented time that we find ourselves in. Whilst the world seems to have stopped for many who are self-isolating at home, helping society in the way that they have been advised to, the situation in the hospitals is frenetic and healthcare staff lack the protective equipment they require. Most of this equipment comes from other countries and the supply chain cannot be guaranteed. Even in the cases that the supply chain is guaranteed the equipment as not reached our country. ‘Think Globally, act locally’ are words that today take on a special meaning. Because of this, impermeable gowns with an anti-microbial protection are being produced within Spain. This includes the production of the fabrics and the production process itself. Together we will change the world, but we will have to start within our country to then be in a situation to help other countries.

Made in Spain
logistical support


All of these efforts would be in vain without a wide web of logistics which operates 24/7. Given the complexity of organising transport, BRUALDIS, one of the main Spanish distributors of COCA-COLA, have offered to provide logistical support and put their lorries at our disposal to transport fabric and finished products.

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