What is a smart uniform?

Does it fit better, make you look more professional, and feel comfortable sitting behind a desk or running and jumping over chain link fences?

A smart uniform does all that and more and it starts deep within the makeup of the fabric itself and ends with a design that is mission ready no matter the job. What began as a small company in the raw material business of the newest in technical fabrics in 1997 would, in five plus years, turn into a company leading the way in outdoor and workwear, with a focus on performance garments.

The law enforcement industry saw the need for high performance, affordable uniforms and this growing company responded by developing specific technical fabrics to meet the various government needs, winning large tenders against the giant suppliers in the field.


Fifteen years later, General Tactic is again on the move. Public safety apparel designed from the fabric up to provide protection against UV rays, moisture, odor, rips, stains and abrasions while keeping the wearer warm, or cool, providing maximum 4-way stretch and keeping great fit and style, well under budget at the same time.

General Tactic, where high performance fabrics meet technical design at an affordable price. Now, that’s a smart uniform.


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General Tactic Law Enforcement Uniforms

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